Quit Claim Deed


Legally transfer your interest in a property to another person with this online Texas Quit Claim Deed form.


  • Drafted by a Texas attorney to ensure full legal compliance
  • Designed to facilitate transferring interest on real property from one person to another
  • Ideal for individuals who are listing their house as “for sale by owner”
  • Quick and easy to download

When you are selling property, you need to have all the necessary pieces of documentation to ensure the legality of the transaction. This Texas Quit Claim Deed form has all of the components necessary to help you transfer whatever interest you may have in a piece of property to another person. There is no warranty of title. You are simply saying, “I don’t know what I have, but whatever I have, it’s yours.” Download this and other Texas-specific real estate legal forms online today.


  • Format: editable or non-editable

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