Notice of Lis Pendens


Protect your legal rights to a property that is involved in a lawsuit with this Texas real estate legal form.


  • Designed to accompany lawsuit documents pertaining to real property
  • Drafted by a Texas attorney to ensure legal compliance
  • Legally notify interested parties of underlying litigation related to a property
  • Quick and easy to download

Do you have alleged rights to a property that is currently the subject of legal proceedings because of a breached sales contract? If so, then it is wise to file a Texas Notice of Lis Pendens to protect your rights to the property and notify interested parties that there is a dispute related to the title or claim to the property. While this real estate legal form may not preclude the sale of the property in question while legal proceedings are pending, it does ensure that any sale of the property is subject to the outcome of the lawsuit. Purchase this and other legal forms online from Texas Legal Forms today.


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