Lien Waiver – Subcontractor


Ensure there are no mechanic liens on a property with this Texas real estate legal form.


  • Provides assurance of no mechanic liens after subcontractors have been paid
  • Designed to protect the financial interests of general contractors and property owners
  • Battle-tested and compliant with Texas real estate laws
  • Drafted by an attorney for legal accuracy

Not all real estate transactions go as smoothly as they should, and sometimes trouble can come from where you least expect it. Imagine how frustrating it would be for one of your subcontractors to place a mechanic lien on your property after you have paid them for their work. This Texas real estate legal form protects contractors and property owners, and it insists that your subcontractor waive any mechanic lien rights they may have once they have been paid in full. Download this and other pertinent real estate legal paperwork from Texas Legal Forms today.


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