Deed of Trust


Place a lien on a borrower’s property with this Texas real estate legal form.


  • Ideal for residential real estate transactions
  • Provides legal documentation of a homestead lien
  • Battle-tested to protect the interests of the borrower, lender, and trustee
  • Designed to be in compliance with Texas real estate laws

Texas is one of the few states which authorize the use of Deed of Trust forms in lieu of traditional mortgages. This legal form places a lien on a borrower’s homestead and was designed specifically for residential real estate transaction. It is also designed to provide legal documentation pertinent to the parties subject to the lien and their individual responsibilities. The form may also be used for commercial properties, however, we recommend a more comprehensive deed of trust for commercial real estate transactions. Download this legal real estate form today.


  • Format: editable or non-editable

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